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Scams, Scams and More Scams!
Filed Under (International Investing) by editor on 23-12-2009 . have lost money – sometimes large amounts – in offshore investment scams of one type or another. . from the Brazilian rain forest or from noni or teak plantations in Panama.

The Costa Rica teak farm scam | Lat/Am Daily
Feb 23, 2010 . A classic scam from Costa Rica's early days as a place for feverish, poorly- researched gringo investment was The Teak Farm. It went like this: .

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Union Square, San Francisco

Can "Global Green Services" be legitimate?
Feb 25, 2009 . I now believe the Teak investment is a scam. Reading the postings some of you have been in contact with the Police.Can you let me know .

Don't be fooled by an ethical label | Moneywise
Aug 24, 2011 . Scams. Consumer champion Tony Hetherington is unconvinced by an investment . Can you afford ethical investments during tough times? . Skeene's company says it grows teak, mahogany, balsa and acacia in countries .

Teak Plantations As An Investment
Teak plantations are a viable investment if there is enough protection for the investors.

Union Square, San Francisco

President of Panama promoted mafia-connected teak scam
President, agricultural minister, ANAM caught up in teak scam . Kurt Meier, had been a central figure in a 1980s investment scam involving Genovese mobsters, .

Were Teak Farm Investors Scammed? | The Costa Rican Times
May 29, 2012 . According to the Tropical American Tree Farms , they are one of the largest teak farms in the country. The company sells small teak trees to .

How to choose a forest investment - Planting Empowerment
Learn what to look for in a forestry investment. . investing in Central America, especially in Teak, has suffered from scams and inflated return expectations.

Organized Sandalwood, Teak-wood and Organic Mango Plantation ...
Aug 17, 2012 . Organized Sandalwood, Teak-wood and Organic Mango Plantation. Submitted . Minimum investment requires is as low as 3 lakhs. • Returns .

Victoria Monument, Union Square, San Francisco
Victoria Monument

Victoria Monument

Scam list worksheet
Take a Backstage Tour to find out what scammers are doing to manipulate you into . and romance scams: processing payments, collections, donations, investments, . 23, ê, Commodities scams - "Daisy Chain scams". Wheat. Sugar. Teak .

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See the wood for the trees when investing overseas
May 26, 2011 . The national fraud reporting centre, which passes reports to the police . Sustainable, ethical and alternative investment opportunities are increasingly . commodities such as teak trees, jatropha, paulownia and biofuels.

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Investing in Bamboo Plantations
Unlike teak, melina or eucalyptus for example, bamboo still does not have the same . We have all heard about Ponzi schemes, bamboo investment scams and .

Bamboo Investment Scams Exposed!
Thinking about investing in bamboo plantations? Great, but after reading this article about bamboo investment scams and lease plans you might want to re- think .

Investment scam: Cases of circular trading of Aussie bird emus ...
Mar 20, 2012. for ponzi schemes, one more investment scam seems to be brewing. . who put money in a teak plantation scheme of around Rs 400 crore.

FSC-Watch: The FSC, Panamanian teak plantations, and the mafia
Nov 5, 2006 . This is a vague construction that no serious reforestation investor should . Other principals of the Chartwell scam were recycled into the teak .


Teak Reforestation in Panama - Live and Invest Overseas
Teak Reforestation in Panama, Become a foreign resident of Panama through an investment in Timber.

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